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Frequently Asked Questions

Before sending e-mail, please read this. Most of the common questions that people e-mail to us are answered here. Please note that we do not have time to respond to common questions like those in the FAQ - we do however appreciate comments on the site in general or original questions that are not just asking us to help with your homework.

Before reporting any other problems with this server, please note that one of our most frequently asked questions or problem reports is when a page or chapter from a book doesn't appear correctly. Please try forcing your web browser to reload the page by pressing the Shift or Control key and the Refresh/Reload button with your mouse - depending on your browser. Thanks.

Readers do e-mail us with requests for further information about particular books, whether they can copy them to local servers and so on. I will try to answer some of those questions here.

"Cliff" Notes

PLEASE LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR: We do NOT have, so we cannot send you these so-called "Cliff" notes. As far as we can make out, "Cliff" notes are some commercial "cheat at my exam" books published only in the USA. We do not come from the USA. Read the damned book for crying out loud. Read, learn, think.

Where do the books come from ?

Most of the books are already in text form by the time they get to me. There are a number of very good projects under way on the Internet to get books scanned or typed in. A couple of the major ones are at Wiretap (Updated) and at Project Gutenburg.

Can I copy your pages ?

Yes. Since all the works here are, to the best of my knowledge, out of copyright the works are in the public domain. I make them available for your pleasure and education - if you can use them for some purpose yourself please feel free - after all I have only converted text into web pages - the original transcription was the main job.

I am doing a class project - can you tell me about a book ?

No. Sorry - I haven't the time or the information. If you have been asked to read and write about a particular work, then please try to do it yourself. The reason that you have been set a task in class is probably to help you understand some concept. Finding quick answers will not help you in the long run.

I think I found an error. Will you please fix it ?

I will try my best - please e-mail me the details.

Where should I send e-mail ?

To peter@literature.org. [an error occurred while processing this directive]