The Outlaw of Torn

Edgar Rice Burroughs

To My Friend Joseph E. Bray

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Notes From the transcribers notes:

I have made the following changes to the text:
17 17 merks marks
554 ertswhile erstwhile
591 so so do so
90 26 beats beasts
934 presntly presently
124 20 rescurer rescuer
171 27 walls." walls.
1843 gnetlemen gentlemen
185 20 fored, formed,
1866 to forces the forces
195 19 those father whose father
2172 precipitably precipitately
2175 litle little
221 30 Monfort Montfort
230 30 Montforth Montfort
245 15 muderer's murderer's

The only changes that have been made to this text by Publisher's ChoiceBooks and its General Manager/Editor have been the removal of allword-breaking hyphenation, and the occasional addition of a comma toseparate certain phrases. These changes were effected merely to increasethe Reader's reading ease and enjoyment of the text.

The following spelling changes were effected within the text for reasons ofclarity:

"chid" to "chide"
"sword play" to "swordplay"
"subtile" to "subtle"

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